Keeping the commitment to Prayer.

From the book: Miracles do happen by Sr. Briege McKenna,O.S.C. Late one evening, during the Intercession for Priests in Dublin, Fr.Kevin Scallon asked me to minister during the Priests prayer time, which I used myself as one of prayer times, before the Blessed Sacrament. There was actually, a great need for my ministry at the Intercession. I didnt want to refuse his request, which seemed reasonable enough, but at the same time I was torn up about, giving up this hour of prayer. I told him I would make myself available during this time. Before going to bed, late that night, I put a notice on the bulletin board advising the Priests that I would be able to see them by appointment while everyone else was in the Chapel praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Nobody knew but myself and Fr.Kevin that I had decided to give up this hour of prayer to minister. But the very next morning, an elderly Priest came up to me in the corridor and said Sister Briege, I know you pray but I have something to tell you and I dont know how to tell you. He had trouble getting to the point and I kept wondering what he was going to tell me. Finally, he told me that the night before he couldnt sleep because, as he went to bed he heard an inner voice saying Go to Sister Briege and tell her that the hour she gave away is My Hour, and I want that hour for Myself. After he said this he looked at me and smiled and said: It doesnt make much sense, does it. Little did he know how much sense it made to me? I thanked him. It was at that moment that I realised how much Jesus wanted me to hold to my commitment, not because He needed me but because He wanted to love me and teach me. We forget sometimes, that Jesus is a Living Person Who waits for us. Here He was waiting for me. This was a great lesson for me. I am not committing those three hours to a project but to a Person and that living Person is Jesus, Who is always there. He is not there for what I can give Him but for what He can give to me.... Then I went into the Chapel where everyone else was adoring the Blessed Sacrament. I sat down feeling a little guilty that the Lord had to remind me of my commitment.